Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TIme magazine nutrition article

Hello everyone and welcome to the PURE Tip of the Week! We hope you are all enjoying the current cool down; of course you know how we do it here in Kentuckiana, one extreme to the other it seems!

One extreme to another is often how health matters go as well. Either we over-exercise or we don’t exercise at all, or we either go on a Spartan elimination diet, or we gorge ourselves on everything in sight. Clearly one does not get anywhere with these behaviors, and it is better to take a consistent, more moderate approach.

I was encouraged and felt somewhat vindicated by the article in the most recent issue of Time magazine (Sept. 12, 2011) written by the famous Dr. Mehmet Oz, titled ‘The Oz Diet: No more myths. No more fads. What you should eat- and why.’ In this article, Dr. Oz takes a more moderate approach to nutrition and discounts the extreme elimination diets. Healthy eating should be a manageable and enjoyable task, not torture.

What I liked about this article is that it could have easily been called ‘The Jett Diet;’ or the ‘anyone-who- has-gone-against-conventional-wisdom diet’ for that matter. For the most part Dr. Oz shares many of the same dietary tips that I have shared with you all for the last 18 months.

Some of my favorite quotes: “Want to get healthy? Then forget about diet soda and low-fat foods. Instead, tuck into some eggs, whole milk, salt, fat, nuts, wine, chocolate, and coffee (p. 50.)” With the exception of wine, those items are major components of my diet and things that I consume daily!

Another good one: “new research is finding that some saturated fats (like those found in coconut oil) may actually be good for you and that dietary cholesterol may not affect blood cholesterol as much as was once thought (p. 50.)” Music to my ears!!!

Finally: “ When you sit down to a meal, your brain is looking for nutrients, not calories, and will prod you to eat until you’re satisfied. That’s one of the many reasons its harder to push away from a plate of fries or a bowl of ice cream than from a healthier meal of fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean meats (p. 58.)” It is harder to push away because your body wants nutrients, and gets little from processed foods, so you need to eat a greater quantity to get the nutrition your body needs (and forget the grains…. I said I mostly agree with it ;)

I have had a growing sense that the tide is turning with respect to nutritional advice. Clearly what we have been told is NOT working. Reading an article like this one in a mainstream magazine written by a mainstream doctor confirms my feeling, and this is very encouraging to me!
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