Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Use Your Feet to Balance

Hello everyone and welcome to the final PURE TIP of 2011! It has been a good year, and a quick year, and we are excited to continue growing and bringing you the best workouts and information possible in 2012.

This week I would like to share a personal revelation.

How many of you struggle with balance while on one leg? There are several one legged movements I do in the gym that challenge my balance (the single leg deadlift, for example.) Lately, I have been working out in some of those 5-Finger Shoes (I have been using the Adidas version), and I have learned quite a bit about my feet and how to use them to balance.

In regular shoes we rely on the platform we are standing on to balance, and when we start to tip, there is little that platform can do to help us regain balance and stability. The foot, however, has something that can help maintain and regain balance: the toes.

The toes, when allowed to move and function outside of the confines of a shoe, can contribute to maintaining balance, as well as to full-body strength, speed, and agility.

What I have specifically learned while wearing the 5 finger shoes is that if I drive my big toe into the ground while standing on one foot, I have an easier time maintaining my balance, even while doing movements such as the single leg deadlift or the Bulgarian lunge. I am using my toes to ‘claw at the ground’ much like an animal does when it runs.

I have tried this (driving my big toe into the ground) with regular shoes and it helped then as well, and that is what I want to encourage you to do next time you are balancing on one leg, whether you are at the gym or at home. Use your feet and your toes to grip the ground and you will immediately improve your stability.
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Poor People's Massage

Hello everyone and welcome to the PURE Tip of the Week! We hope everyone is doing well this Holiday season, and that you are employing some of the tips we shared a few weeks ago for avoiding the Holiday Bulge! (Portion control and exercise are critical!)

As you may recall, one of the first things we taught you when you came to PURE was how to foam roll. We strongly believe in this practice, but notice that many of you neglect to perform this activity prior to working out. You may ask, what does foam rolling do for me?? As it happens, Luke Wakefield recently wrote an article on foam rolling that he posted on his new blog, ‘Predator Performance.’

Please visit Luke’s blog and read his article:

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good Teeth = Good Health ?

Hello everyone! Welcome to the PURE Tip of the Week! You may recall from previous tips the mentioning of a man named Weston A. Price. Price was a dentist in the early part of the 20th century who set out to study health.

Notice that I said health. Price took the opposite approach to most practioners, who study disease and those who have it. Price, on the other hand, wanted to find the healthiest people in the world and study their diets.

As a dentist in the Westernized world, Price noticed that individuals with tooth decay often had chronic disease(s) present, and that those with ‘perfect’ teeth were often a picture of health. The link between dental health and overall health is what sparked this email. Price noticed that a developing human embryo has 32 ‘buds’, all of which divide, leaving 64 buds. Half of these become our teeth, and half become the bones of our spinal column.

Through this connection Price was able to link healthy teeth to a healthy spine, and a healthy spine to a healthy body, and therefore healthy teeth to a healthy body!
During his travels around the world looking for the perfect teeth, Price discovered that populations who still consumed the traditional native diet of the region had perfect teeth, despite a complete lack of dental care as we know it today. Conversely, populations whose diets had been westernized- infiltrated with grains and other sugars- displayed poor dental health and the resultant chronic disease.

So guess which macronutrient the native populations consumed the most of? FAT! That’s right, natural fat from grass fed animals was the key component of these diets, which supplied the populations with all the fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K) required for heath, as well as fatty acids and cholesterol required for hormonal balance and proper nervous system function. Guess what macronutrient they were lacking- carbohydrates ;)
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another Holiday Eating Article

Hello everyone, Happy Holidays and welcome to the PURE Tip of the Week!

This time of year many health articles focus on smart holiday eating, and I figured I would follow suit, with a bit of a different angle- instead of giving you a unique set of rules to follow during the holiday season, I am going to stick my normal healthy eating guidelines. Here are a few to focus on:

1. Consume small portions, even if there are a lot of them- Often we go to parties where there is a literal smorgasbord of food to try. If you find yourself in this situation, do not be afraid or feel guilty for trying everything, just do it in small portions. Try 2-3 bites of a dish, and then move on to another. This way you still get the satisfaction of trying all of the food, but not the calories and hormonal disruption that comes extra large portion sizes.

2. As usual, watch the carbs- minimize breads, pastas, and desserts, and instead enjoy meats, and holiday salad and vegetable dishes. Excess carbohydrate intake during a meal will leave you with that sleepy, ‘I need to take a nap’ feeling we experience so often after holiday meals. And with so much to do this season, you don’t have time for a carbohydrate-induced coma!

3. Another common favor at holiday parties is alcohol. Right or wrong just remember this- when you have the sugar from alcohol in your system, your body will always burn that first as fuel, effectively shutting off fat burning. We don’t like that! We want to be a fat-burning machine, remember!?

4. Stay moving! Movement really is like medicine for the body- the more you move, the better you feel, the more flexible you are, and the less pain you have. At a party, mingle through the crowd rather than sit, even dance a little when appropriate! The walking that comes with holiday shopping may seem like a chore, but it is the perfect low-level physical activity, and one that primarily uses stored fat as fuel. Finally, if it is not too chilly, take a walk with family or friends through a neighborhood and enjoy the lights. And, of course, keep coming to Boot Camp!

Don’t undo a year’s worth of work with one month of bad choices!
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Real Milk Cheese

Hello everyone and welcome to the PURE Tip of the Week! This week we will have a guest writer, my good friend and real food advocate, Kane Holbrook.

Take it away Kane!

“We all want the things we do to be effective. We want bodies that breakdown food efficiently and allocate nutrients in optimal ways. We want energy to be stored in places that maximize physical and mental performance, not to be stored as cumbersome fat. How is this desire for effectiveness achieved? One of the most important factors in this equation is nutrient density. Nutrient density is completely incompatible with SAD (Standard American Diet). The typical American diet supplies us with copious caloric content that is void of vitamins, proteins, trace minerals and delicious animal and tropical fats that cause our bodies to function like a Mclaren F1!

In this article I want to focus on one particular nutrient dense food and its amazing benefits. This food is raw milk cheese. Think of cheese as milk that has been concentrated. It is the espresso of dairy products. Raw milk cheese has the fats, enzymes and proteins that promote cell health and muscle growth in humans. This is why raw milk cheese is superior to its pasteurized counterpart. Pasteurization destroys proteins and enzymes. This is huge! Take Lipase for example. Lipase is an enzyme whose key role is to digest fats and assist the body in synthesizing them appropriately. Most enzymes are completely denatured at around 115-120 degrees F. Most pasteurization never gets cooler than 145 F! Why would we destroy the very things in our foods that make them healthy? Protease is another important enzyme.

Protease breaks down proteins allowing the body to effectively use it to build muscle. The different types of enzymes in raw milk cheese are necessary for your body to breakdown fats and proteins found in food. In other words raw milk cheese contains tools for the synthesis of its own nutrients. Without these tools nutrients WILL NOT be assimilated by the body in optimal ways. This is why raw is better. Cell health directly corresponds to the presence of these important enzymes in our bodies. Nutrients either get used or they get wasted.

There are a lot of other benefits to raw milk cheese that we simply do not have time to go into in this article. Mike has been talking about anti-oxidants recently like the glorious glutathione. There are many substances with similar benefits in responsibly produced raw dairy products. These substances have the ability to radically improve the way our bodies function. These substances promote what we all want to have: optimal health.

I am particularly passionate about cheese. Because of this passion a website that offers nutrient dense grass-fed raw milk cheese from Jersey cows was created. We work closely with an Amish farmer with excellent practices to provide quality cheese at a price that people like you and I can afford.

Here’s to an effective diet and a healthy lifestyle!”

Kane Holbrook
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