Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Hi everyone, here is a bonus PURE Tip of the Week! I was asked a question via email about what to eat pre and post boot camp, and here is the answer:
Prior to a workout, especially an intense one, you want to get something that your body can tolerate that has a mixture of carbohydrate and protein (in a 5-3:1 ratio in favor of carbs.) You may need to experiment with different things to discover what your body can tolerate, but one thing I like to recommend is a half or whole banana with a spoonful of peanut butter (two things that are somewhat bland and not likely to upset your stomach.) Other options could be slice of sour dough toast with butter or peanut butter, yogurt, or handful of nuts and dried fruit..... again you may need to experiment .

Post workout, try to get something in your system within 15-30 minutes of the workout, as research has shown that muscles are highly receptive to nutrients during this time, which will promote faster recovery. The optimal carb to protein ration is 3.5:1. Chocolate milk is a quick and easy post workout snack that contains the right nutrient ratios. I use a shake made with raw milk and grass fed whey protein (not easy to come by but I aim for the best.)

Sixty to ninety minutes postworkout go for a larger, protein based meal, such as meat and vegetables with plenty of real butter.
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